The first mobile phone was invented by Dr Martin Cooper in 1973 and this mobile phone could only let you ring. In the beginning of the 90s mobile phones advanced to 2g which was a smaller and lighter phone. These phones had a new feature where you could access ringtones, low residue photos, videos and animated gifs.

The first game on a mobile phone was Tetris in 1994 and was on the mobile phone Hagenuk MT-2000. Tetris is a game were you had to fit different shaped blocks so that they formed a line which would then clear.

Hagenuk tetris

In 2007 Apple introduced the first smartphone which was the iPhone. Smartphones have a variety of different kinds of games on them. You can download many different games from the App Store or the Play Store. Some of the most popular mobile games are Angry Birds, Draw Something and Candy Crush Saga.


Angry Birds was released in 2009 on the App Store by Rovio Entertainment. Angry Birds has 8 different games in the series and is classes as the largest mobile app success the world has seen so far. Angry Birds has been released on many other devices like Android, Symbian, Windows Phone, Consoles and PC. Angry Birds has had about 2 billion downloads since its release and is still a very popular game with Microsoft using the game to advertise Windows 8. Angry Bird’s gameplay is where the player uses the slingshot to fire the birds at the pigs which are stationed around and in different structures to hit them, there by destroying the pigs and winning the level.

angry birds Angry-birds screen

Draw Something was released in 2012 by Omgpop. In the first 5 weeks of the game being released the game was download 20m times and then 50 days after the game was released it was download 50m times. In March 2012 Zynga bought Draw Something and Omgpop for $180m. The gameplay for this game was to draw what the word said and then the next player had to guess what you had drawn. This game is like Pictionary and Chinese whisper because some people can’t draw and what they draw is nothing like what the word was before. This game also uses Facebook to connect with your friends so you can play against them and not just other people who are playing this game.

draw something Draw Something app

Mobile phones are used by majority of the population and are very popular. Adults, young people and children use smartphones for playing games with their friends or just random people who are also playing the game.

The handheld consoles most popular today are the NDS and PS Vita.

ps_vita_beauty nds

The NDS was first released in 2004 by Nintendo. The most popular game for the NDS is the New Super Mario Bros which was released in 2006. This version of Mario is abit different and has two new powers which Mario could use which are big Mario and small Mario. It has the same storyline were you have to save the princess but it has better graphics and more challenging levels.

super-mario-screen mario

The PS Vita was released in 2011 by Sony. The most popular game for the PS Vita is Little Big Planet which was released in 2012. Little Big Planet is a game were the player can customize the levels and the character. The object of the game is to save the planet from the puppeteer by using the PS Vitas buttons, touch screen and back touch screen to overcome different obstacles.

littlebigplanet box littlebitplanet screen

Handheld consoles are very popular because people can take the console with them wherever they go and be able to play whenever they want without the use of a TV so parents can watch TV and the child can play on the handheld console.


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