back view culling

back view culling means that you don’t render the back of the character as it wont been seen.

view frustum

the view frustum means what is in your line of vision is only thing that gets render


occlusion culling means if an object is covered by another object it is not rendered

contribution culls

objects that are faraway are discard unless they play a significant part in the scene.

portal cull

used in indoor scenes this means when a player is stood in a room they only see what is in their view so that the other things like the hallway don’t need to be rendered

binary space partitioning




“Other” corridor lighting if the scene is dark or using a corridor the rendering is simpler and easier to do. adding fog is cheaper than having someone do all the map graphics. distance bluing is the same as fogging as distance bluing is more to do with it being farther away.

lens flare is when a light is moving and you pay more attention to the moving light then the other things around you this way you don’t need to put a lot of detail into the things around you.


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