The first interactive TV show was Winky Dink and You.  Winky Dink was first broadcast in 1953 in New York. This show got children to put a plastic sheet on their TV and draw whatever Winky to the presenter Jack Berry said to draw on the plastic sheet. The show ended in 1957 because parents were concerned about their children sitting too close to the TV whilst drawing on it could have exposed harmful radiation to the children. Another problem was that children who didn’t have the plastic sheet just drew on the TV screen when the show was on, this made parents very angry. This show helped others see the potential of interactive TV.

Click on the link below to watch the Winky Dink and you show with a person drawing on the screen.

winky dink winky07headerbig

In 1993 a quiz game called Bamboozle was broadcasted on Channel 4’s Teletext. Bamboozle was an interactive quiz that got players to press the different colour buttons on their remote to select their answer to the question. Bamboozle ended in December 2009 because Teletext was being shut down. In August 2010 Bamboozle was given a new home on the App store. This quiz game let anyone who had a TV able to play the game with a push of a button.

bamboozle ipod Bamboozle_Last_Screen

One very popular interactive TV show from 2000-2013 is Big Brother. Big Brother was first aired on Channel 4 in July 2000. This show gets viewers to vote for their favourite housemate or evict the housemate they don’t like in order for the person they want to win be in for a chance to win. This then determined who won at the end of the series.

Big-Brother-2013-new-eye-500x254 Big-Brother-2010-logo-006

With technology advancing it is only normal that TV shows would get popular social network sites involved with the show. Hawaii Five-0 announced in January 2013 that they were doing a show were viewers would be able to vote on who killed the O’ahu state university professor. The viewers could then choose between 3 different suspects and vote for the one they think did it. The viewers would then go on to Twitter or and vote for their ending, which would then be tallied up immediately and the ending with the most votes would be aired. Doing this kind of interactive show can cost a lot of money because the company would have to film 3 different endings but with Hawaii five-0 the endings didn’t go to waste instead they were put online so people could still see the ending they wanted. These kind of shows aren’t popular and they are still being tried by various different companies for a long time now and none of these shows have been cost effective and some people don’t want to tell the program how to end because it then cost them when other programs don’t.

hawaii 5-0 cbs_hawaii_five_0_special_episode

Interactive TV shows are a good way to get the audience involved with the show like Xfactor which lets you voice your opinion of the person who is singing and lets you vote for who you want to win or Million Pound Drop which allows you to play the game alongside the shows contestants. It also allows the audience to control what they are viewing like the angle of the camera in a football game and how the program ends like in Big Brother, Xfactor and Britain’s Got Talent. Interactive TV is getting more advanced than what it used to be were you had to draw on a sheet of plastic to voting by phone to playing the game show online to using different devices like iPhones and Android phones to get apps that interact with the TV.


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